mouSmooth is a super lightweight wrist pad developed for those who overwork their mouse and pen.

Please try this product If you are suffering with a wrist callus, or such pain causing tendonitis.

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This product is for professionals with these jobs or have problems with…


【 ご職業 / 趣味 】


【 お悩み 】

・マウスパッドのスペースがもったいない ※
・マウス動作範囲がマウスパッドより広い ※


【 Job / Hobby 】

・Engineers of CAD and drutter users
・CG creator, 3D modeler
・System engineers and programmers
・PC gamer
・Others who overwork a mouse or a pen

【 Problems 】

・Painful for wrist callus caused by using the mouse too long
・Difficulty with operating the mouse because of tendonitis
・Want a wrist rest other then having it at your desk
・Have tried ergonomics mouses but did not work with your skin
・Feel that the mouse pad space is wasteful*
・The mouse operating range is wider than mouse pad*
Due to the improvement of sensors and tracking capabilities of recently released mouses, most operate precisely without using mouse pads on desks of any material

mouSmooth 6つの特徴
Six Features of mouSmooth

1. 素材のベースとなる2wayフレンチパイルは、優れた耐摩耗性と肌触りの良さをあわせ持ち、様々な材質の机上で滑らかな動きを提供します。

2. 机上と手首の間に緩衝性や浮揚性に優れたTC-1000ポリエチレンパッドを配置し、長時間の作業からくる手首の疲労を未然に防ぎます。

3. ベルト部の3層構造は伸縮し、各ユーザーに合わせた力で締付けることができ、腱鞘炎で辛い手首の過度な動きを抑制することが可能です。

4. 手首の動きの妨げや痛みの原因となりやすい、長さ調整等で用いられるプラスチックアジャスターの類は、一切使用しておりません。

5. 各素材はケア用サポーター等で既に使用されている安全性の高いものだけを厳選し、製造は全て日本国内で行っております。

6. 重量は約15gです。パッドを備えたサポーターとしては超軽量に仕上がり、1日中着けていてもその重さを感じさせることはありません。
1. The 2way French pile which is the base of the material has both excellent wear resistance and its texture feels amazing. It provides smooth movement on almost any type of desks.

2. Use of the TC–1000 polyethylene pad which has excellent in cushioning and buoyancy between your wrist and desk will prevent the fatigue of the wrist from overworking.

3. The three-layer structure of the belt part will stretch , therefore, can be tightened and adjusted to each user, and it is possible to suppress the excessive movement of the wrist caused by tendonitis.

4. We do not use any kind of plastic adjusters used for length adjustment which is ofthen the cause of limited movement and pain of the wrist.

5. Each material is carefully selected and is used only highly safe already being used in care supporters etc., and we manufacture it all in Japan.

6. The product weight is about 15g. As a supporter with a pad, it is super lightweight so you won’t knowtice the weight even if you wear it all day.

Product Specifications

■ 素材構成 / Material composition

■ 概略寸法 / Approximate size

■ 重量 (約15g) / Weight(aroud 15g)

■ ご着用いただける手首のサイズ


■ Size of wrist you can wear

Although this product is recommended for wrists with circumferential length of 15cm or more, for wrists less than 15cm can be worn if you fold the belt as the seen in the photo.
This product is designed for people who are right handed but left-handed people can wear it as well as long as you accept that the logo will be upside down.

■ mouSmoothの取り付け方 / How to attach mouSmooth

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■ レビュー / Review (JP)

・ 併用するマウスパッドについて

・ TC-1000パッドについて

・ Mouse pad to be used in combination
This product is developed on the premise that it is used in combination with a hard mouse pad such as plastics or the mouse without a pad.
We’d like to kindly ask you to check the mouse pad in use of your environment before purchasing this product.

・ About TC-1000 Pad
It is a material that will become familiar with the hand shape by using it for 2 to 3 consecutive weeks.